According to Hopland Tribe’s constitution, the tribe’s base roll for membership is solely decided upon the 1961 Hopland Distribution of Assets Plan of the Hopland Rancheria.

Whoever is listed on the distribution list is considered category A

Whoever is listed as a Distributee’s dependent on the Distribution list, is category B

Whoever can prove lineal descent to Category A and Category B are now Category C

Category D is only for those who are not related to anyone on the Distribution list but can prove their significant ties to the Hopland Rancheria. This is the ONLY category that applicants must be voted in by the majority of the General Council.

However, Iyesha does not run “her” tribe as such. So in defense of all future applicants, we are providing official documentation needed to learn your rights that will help you navigate Hopland Tribe.


Tribal Constitution


Hopland Distribution Plan