Musical Mutiny

Hopland Tribe is going down. It is not sinking slowly, it’s ravaging its remains in flames. I know that Mendocino County is no stranger to fires, but what’s going on at the Hopland Rez is an inferno of mutiny.

One day, Sonny Elliott is elected by the majority of the group as the new tribal chairman. Dave Steele as the Vice Chair, Suzanne as Secretary, Shawn Padi as Treasury with Iyesha, Joe and Bernadette are all seated at the back of the bus as Member At Large. Who knows what politics were in place when Shawn was thrown out of his seat and replaced by Bernadette Mora after re-securing her $85k per year position as the Tribal Administrator and NOW being placed as the tribal treasurer! Boink. That’s some criss crossing there.

But Wait… There’s more!

Who knows who was talking to whom, but Shawn is back in his Treasury seat and IYESHA MILLER is back in as the Tribal Chair! Someone called “Shotgun!” for that front seat. Dave Steele is bumped from his seat at Vice Chair down to the back of the bus as Member-At-Large with Joe and Bernadette, while Sonny gets a demotion to Vice Chair.

I am doing my best to weed out the tabloidiness of the musical chairs going on up there. But there is one thing I am certain of, even without having to speak to anyone on council… This is all nothing more than egos.


inflated egos


There are some inflated egos up there in office and those egos will stop at nothing to feed its insecurities with pain, shame, and claim.

Are any of these titles doing anything to help out the reservation? Senior payments? Raising funds to keep the damn casino steak house opened more than just 2 days a week?

Hopland had Fight Nights, Hooker Nights where they bring in strippers to the place, and now have closed the steak house down during the weekends. However, you can find the half of the council getting plastered at the bar. Make sure you tip well Joe, Bernadette, Iyesha and whoever else that can stomach their company. Since they’re about the only one’s making 6 figure incomes off of the tribal member’s losses.

6 figures look like this $xxx,xxx.xx per year.


This all you, Hopland. You can’t blame Sandy anymore.



The Steakhouse at Hopland Sho Ka Wah Casino will be permanently closed beginning September 1, 2016. Layoffs are taking place right now and council approved tribal member employees to be let go without offering alternative positions to be filled. However, non natives have been offered other positions in lieu of total layoff.


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