January 15, 2016 and the tribal council is playing dumb

January 15, 2016

Approximately 9:45 am

Family, friends and concerned tribal citizens arrived at the tribal admin buildings to take part in the meeting  that set just two days before for “unknown” reasons and without an official agenda.

Police Chief Scalercia was acting as a personal hired gun and initially did not allow the tribal citizens engage in their right to due process.

Bernadette was caught pretending she had no idea what anyone was talking about, playing dumb when she was vulnerable, however, multiple testimonies from eye witnesses said that as soon as all of the tribal council members were settled into the police station and the meeting called to session, Bernadette jumped the table to swing a punch at Sandy Sigala and senior Ed Arnold in an act of rage. Many people have attested that Bernadette is a bully. She doesn’t care if you’re an elder, she will try and beat them up.


In the video above, you can see everyone make it to the police station, but were stopped at the door by Scalercia, again.

He pretends to know the laws of the Hopland Rancheria rules and regulations, however he continues to deprive the group their rights to be present during the Hopland’s genocidal act.

The biggest way you can tell that this mass disenrollment was illegitimate, is that the council had to hide and break many articles of the constitution.

If this were a legitimate act, there would be no reason why the members in question couldn’t be contacted by the enrollment committee to “clear up” any discrepancies in the files.

Funny how only our family’s enrollment files were the ONLY files that were audited, as per Wanda Balderama’s words in the recommendation for removal.

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