Hopland Tribe’s Cannabis Project RAIDED

Hopland Tribe’s Cannabis Project RAIDED

Joe San Diego just last year in June 2015, told concerned tribal members that the pot farm that he was managing was fully legit and that he was working with Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman, the state Attorney General and out of state investors on making this entire operation legit and legal.

When some tribal members demanded to know more about this operation, the lease agreement between the tribe and the investors, the financials, etc., he lollygagged and didn’t have any answers for him.

Just in recent months, more concerned tribal citizens began demanding more information on what happened to last years crop money or lease money. He told those citizens that the investors didn’t pay their lease because they made no money on the crop.


Today is Karma’s Christmas gift to many concerned folks.

The Sheriff’s department asks for your assistance.

Anyone with information related to this commercial marijuana growing operation is requested to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office tip line at (707)234-2100. Persons can provide tips and remain anonymous.

This marijuana “Cannabis Project” is the work of Joe San Diego and it would not really be possible to operate without the approval from Chairwoman Iyesha Miller constantly approving every move. Joe has written iron clad contracts that ensures himself as a potential forever/ permanent beneficiary of whatever the HEDCO|Hopland Realty Corp| Cannabis Project brings in. When tribal members requested to review the financials of these businesses, the requests are denied to most tribal members. Only some members are privy to the information of anything that is going on over there. And it certainly is NOT the power of the general council.

This tribal council is walking their tribe right into termination. And honestly, a tribe who disenrolls, sadly deserves that consequence. This tribal council’s family is just so loaded with lies. They have no founded evidence to most, if not all they every spiel out. When anyone one of us finds ourselves in an opportunity to discuss the truth, they run. They have old rumors and gossip as fighting words. If they could argue truth, it would be so much easier to debate the important issues, but first, it is going to have to take all of THIS before the shields come down.

This is not the workings of my family. This is all them. That family is destroying all that could have been. What are they seriously going to do for money with this bust, the casino shutting down, and the RSTF dollars expire? I’ll tell you one thing they cannot do; blame us.

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