Genocidal Timeline

  • January 12, 2016 – Wanda Balderama called for an emergency tribal enrollment committee specifically dated and timed for when certain members of the committee where scheduled away on tribal business.
  • From that enrollment meeting, Wilma Elliott, William (Bill) Elliott, voted to disenroll 74 members of the Wilbell Family line- but not the whole lineage that includes the Arnold, Billy and Burke members.
  • Cynthia Daniels against, Deanna Lozinto abstained.
  • Wanda Balderama voted for even though there was no tie to be broken.
  • Wanda contacted her daughter Chairwoman Iyesha Miller of the committee recommendation.
  • January 13, 2016 at 5 am, tribal council received an email from Iyesha Miller notifying them of a new emergency meeting for 10 am on January 15, 2016.
  • Sandy replied to the email and asked why so early and for an agenda.
  • Iyesha responded that there is no agenda available yet.
  • January 13, 2016- mid morning, it was learned that there even was an enrollment committee meeting that took place and that Secretary Sandy Sigala’s family is going to be disenrolled.
  • Social Media inferno
  • January 15, 2016 Family, tribal members, supporters and haters began showing up to the tribal offices only to be shut down by police barricades awaiting everyone’s arrival.
  • Resistance from the police
  • Attendees were forced to park over a mile away in January weather. Elders over 90 years old were forced to walk the rugged terrain of the rancheria with no rides or fucks given from the police forces that were in tandem, securing tribal council members.
  • Only tribal council members were allowed to drive up to the offices, even though it was Senior Check Day at the tribal offices. No elders were permitted without being forced to walk over a mile on unstable wet, slick grounds, up steep inclines. Some elders were without support of other members physically helping them along.
  • Council members were ushered into the tribal police department, leaving officers to explain to the members that they are knowingly breaking tribal laws in doing so.
  • By 10:15 am, Sandy Sigala was being escorted out of the police departments and the crowd of haters began laughing at the disenrolled.
  • The police gave Trina Vega a 3 day verbal eviction notice to move off of the rancheria, without due process.
  • The police began to push their presence on the family and were told to leave the rancheria grounds indefinitely.


Iyesha refused to view Sandy’s evidence and documents declaring that she was told our family didn’t belong from a Senior account. Iyesha admitted that it was Beverly Billy Rodriguez who told her that while furnishing a falsified family tree.

From multiple accounts from those in the closed doors, it was said that Sandy tried to explain further about Hopland history and then tribal elder Ed Arnold began displaying his objections to disenrolling anyone and standing firm in saying how wrong it is to disenroll.

Bernadette Mora then erupted in rage and tried to physically attack Sandy and elder Ed Arnold, swinging punches at them both and screaming that this was for her father Ron Knight and that this is what Sandy gets. Bernadette then began shouting to get this shit going, and that is when Joe San Diego made the motion to disenroll all 74 members as recommended by the enrollment committee.

Bernadette 2nd with Renee Jimenez vote to disenroll. Shawn Padi, Ed Arnold, and Sandy Sigala voted no. Iyesha Miller, tie breaker voted to disenroll.

Police were called in to remove Sandy Sigala and escort her off of the premises.

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