BIA Acknowledges Marian Wilder

In 1960, the BIA created a tentative Distribution Plan that was to circulate among the Hopland Rancheria citizens to be approved or disapproved. Chester Elliott was trying to claim our grandmother’s parcel. Marian Wilder, our grandmother, wrote in a protest to the BIA during the allotted protest period.

The BIA acknowledged our grandmother’s claim and worked tirelessly to rectify the changes. The BIA thus notified Chester Elliott of the rights of Marian Wilder. Chester Elliott then relinquished his claim to her parcel and requested another parcel. The BIA accepted this arrangement, however, the final distribution plan turns up no Chester Elliott at all. Chester was alive during that time period, but he did not make it onto the final list. Hopland’s Holy Grail in determining who is who.

Letter to Marian WilderBIA acknowledgement of Marian Wilders Protest

Letter to Chester ElliottBIA-ChesterElliott Rescinding claim of Marian Wilder Parcel

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