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An Ode To The Motherland

Dear Hopland Tribe

By Michelle Hammock


Dear Hopland Tribe,

I am writing you today

To ask you for forgiveness

To ask for you to pray.


Dear Hopland Tribe,

I was a lazy member

I didn’t show for meetings

Or party in December.


Dear Hopland Tribe,

I took it all for granted

I assumed I’d always have

My inherent rights planted.


Dear Hopland Tribe,

I’m awake now, you see

I am disenrolled today

But you won’t stop seeing me.


Dear Hopland Tribe,

I can see everything now

With nothing left to lose

I stand without a crowd.


Dear Hopland Tribe,

You’ve turned me into a ghost

Haunting you relentlessly

In my every post.


Dear Hopland Tribe,

You can try and get rid of me

Your lies and your inherent ills

Your shame, I’ll always see.



Dear Hopland Tribe,

The prayer I asked before

Is for you, cause now I know

What you had in store.


I sign this note with all my love

And one more thing to say

You think you’ve won your right to lead

But I’ll be back one day.


So live it up and relish in

Your seat where you now rule

Cause Nature has a funny way

Of being just as cruel.





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