Child Predator Orville Elliott Participates in Intertribal Youth Event

This video is from an intertribal youth event hosted by Hopland of Pomo Indians and our Billy cousin Diana Billy-Elliott. She obtained her master’s degree in Social Work and appears to have a particular interest in youth and juvenile social work cases. She had her own criminal records expunged years ago and now teaches others how to do the same. While that’s commendable and all, for those seeking to redeem themselves of a criminal past to gain better jobs and improve their lives, this is extremely alarming when it comes to this person.

Diana Billy-Elliott is the Vice Chair of the tribe, which holds a lot of power over a lot of people under her. She’s an Intertribal Juvenile Substance Abuse Counselor at Hopland Tribe. Diana is also credited with opening up a Native American Resource Center in Ukiah for victimized women and youth. She is the Inter-Tribal Domestic Violence Task Force Coordinator for the local ITCC affiliate. She works a lot of angles around kids and with an extremely vulnerable demographic. With all of this education cloaking her, why would this be so concerning for everyone? Well…

She’s known to have her husband with her nearly everywhere she goes, and she hosts a lot of tribal youth events. Her husband is Orville Elliott. The Elliotts, along with our cousins the Billy’s disenrolled us. So much for that whole spiel about caring about the Native Community, but even more than the lateral violence they both committed against their own people, her husband Orville Elliott a.k.a. Orval Elliott is a known predator from Hopland Tribe. He is on the Megan’s List as a Tier 3 level Lifetime Registrant. What this means is that he has been convicted of sex crimes on a child younger than 14 years old, served time in prison for this crime, and will have to register his name and address and crimes for the rest of his life. And she knows all about it.

She has a MASTER’S DEGREE IN SOCIAL WORK. Let that sink in. She’s required by state law to protect children and here she is, taking her predator to the candy store. Giving him his fix by letting him loose around young children. And as a vice chairwoman in charge, she has neglected to inform every parent of attendees of their child’s exposure to her predator husband. The entire tribal council is complicit in this gross negligence. They are known to harbor child predators.

Don’t believe us? Go to the link below and search his name yourself.

California Megans Law

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It is absolutely insulting to us lineal descendants of a distributee that predators like these guys are roaming freely around their prey and WE get disenrolled. How can they even refute the evidence here? But then again, they’re known to rewrite history and harm people for their own gain.

It’s shit like this why they hate us. We don’t stand for this.

Ready to see for yourself? C’mon! Let’s go explore more truths!

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