Hopland's General Council Meeting for Disenrollment

Hopland Tribal Disenrollment by User 748873367

Voice recording of an illegal disenrollment in action. Mendocino County Sheriff with metal detectors and searching everyone’s stuff. We aren’t criminals! Why were the Sheriff doing the bidding of the tribe?

Audio of interior of the Hopland gymnasium where the tribe orchestrated one of the worst crimes against its own.

It is hard to hear because of the noise debris.

You can hear Iyesha Miller declare a quorum was met, however, we weren’t allowed to cast a vote.

We were only given 2 minutes a piece to speak.

You will also hear Chairwoman Iyesha Miller release the general council to cast a vote and leave before any disenrolled appellants were heard.

I am not sure about you, but I never heard of a jury voting before a case is heard. But at Hopland Tribe, that’s the way.

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