Dispelling the Lies

Addressing the lies that we only get to hear through the grapevine has been a very frustrating part of the post-disenrollment experience. Frustrating, in the sense that the council, the disenrollers, and their families are unfortunately cowards. They have done a great deal in creating the lies, hosting secret gatherings at their homes to plot out their execution of disenrolling members, without ever having to furnish any proof of their lies.

They have spent literal years creating underground newsletters and sending them to select members of the greater tribe slandering the names of the ones they desired to disenroll. To this day, not a single one of them has ever shown proof or had an intelligent conversation about their belief that there was any error in our enrollments. As much as I would have loved to have been able to address a group of people, or even just one brave one, I instead will address it here, within these digital pages that the families who have enjoyed the bloodfest of our disenrollment can even read.

Unlike our disenrollers, we come with historical proof, many hours of honest research, and as a bonus, some cutting words for those who wish to see the truth.

So, let’s go slow and pick a beginning to start with. Let us begin the year 1900. June 27, 1900, to be exact. That was before the casino was built, yeah?

This is the 1900 Indian Population census of the SANEL TOWNSHIP, Mendocino County, California. Or in modern times, Hopland, CA.

Highlighted in yellow are the names of the Wilbell’s, who now call themselves The Billy’s. Yeah, the same ones acting like they have no blood relations to any of us. Those guys. One name in particular is the name of my direct blood ancestor.

  • MANUELA- Daughter of Left Hand Bill and Laura Wilbell
  • Indian
  • Female
  • Month born- Dec
  • In the year of 1891
  • Age 9 years as of this 1900 census
  • Marital Status- S for Single
  • Place of birth- California
  • Place of birth of Father- California
  • Place of birth of Mother- California
  • Occupation of persons 10 years or older- At School
  • Attended school in months- 6

The bullet list is listing down the columns that are read from the census, and its answers to the census questions. And if you read closely, you can see that Manuela is the youngest blood sister of “Coose” a.k.a. Cruz, a.k.a Cruise, a.k.a C.I. Billy. Manuela and C.I. Billy are the living children of the exact same two human beings.

Got it?

Did you catch that so far? We are blood-related to the Billy’s. In name, in blood, in the same genealogy. Why are “some” Billys allowed to stay in the tribe and “belong”, and not the others?

Back door? You tell me.

Ok, let’s move on to dispelling the next lie. On to the next post.

See you there!

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