Chester Elliott Relinquished Claim to Marian's Lot

I share with you in his own handwriting, Chester Elliott relinquished his claim to Marian’s lot. What’s even more peculiar, is that Chester didn’t end up on the distribution plan at all, cutting his and his descendants direct ties to the tribe by allegedly enrolling at Round Valley Indian Tribes. 

Here is Chester’s letter below.

It reads: 

June 16, 1960

Hopland, Calif

Mr. Leonard Hill

Area Director 

Sacramento, Calif

Dear Sir,

This letter will serve to notify you that it is alright with me for the plan for Hopland be change to give me the east 1/2 of parcel no. 22 (3?) formally assigned to Nagil Fallis and that I give up any rights that I may have had regarding parcel no. 18.

                   Thank you,

                 Chester Elliott

Stick around, we have plenty more of where these came from.

Let’s go!

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