1900 Sanel Township Census

As with most documents, you may need to use a magnifying glass in order to see the handwriting well.

If you’re a paid member of historical documentaction sites such as Ancestry.com or Archives.com, etc. you will be able to easily search and find our ancestry.

Keywords in searching:

  • Laura Wilbell
  • William Wilbell aka Left Hand Bill
  • Manuela (Manuel__) Bill,
  • Marian (sometimes spelled Marion or Mariana) Wilder née Edwards
  • Cleopha Wilder

Also note, that the “Billy” moniker comes from exactly the same two people, William and Laura Wilbell as our grandmother came from. There is NO difference in our lineage. The Arnolds stem from these exact same two people as well.

Our lineage and ties to Hopland is not a fairytale we tell ourselves. These are facts that anyone can publicly search.

1900 Sanel Census Listing Billy's

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